Broken Memories

Broken Memories


It’s been so very long since I’ve cried this pain
my strength wanes but the tears resist
(I wasn’t made to cry).
I’m broken but I can’t fall apart
It must be that something you left behind.
I want to scream I still need you but time’s proved I don’t
Wish I could give up but you taught me better.
Can’t see my path but I know it’s there
You showed me that so many times.
Broken memories threaten my sanity
I don’t remember you whole but I feel who you were
I need an excuse to be a victim of this pain
But you left me none and all I can do is go on.
Now I wish you were here to fall down and let you pick me up
To see once more the wondrous light in your eyes
To hear again the depth of your voice
To speak without words, to stop feeling time
And tp know that even better than me you do understand.

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