Missing: Compassion

Missing: Compassion


The beggar walks the crowded street
Morning to evening, his daily beat
As others avoid his redolent self
Wrinkling their nose, turning their head
“Spare some change?” all hear him ask
Unspoken rejection, as answers lack.
Everyone’s busy, everyone’s scared,
Of being fooled, of being ensnared,
They hide in contempt, judgment and frown
Where kindness simply cannot reach down.
Where’s the compassion that feeds the heart?
Does man need an excuse to play the part?
A giving of coin, belies the act
It is so very much more than that
Enriches our life, polishes the soul
Exiles afar the bitter scowl.
The bum has a purpose, believe it or not
To keep in this world, stubbornly, hope
Showing the way to those few who listen
Far brighter than gold does love´s labor glisten

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