A yearning brought a love to me
I thought from heaven above
My prayers at last were answered
With this true and unfailing love
Pure happiness, this love did bring
A feeling I can’t explain
I thought the heavens opened up to me
As sweet as a summers rain
Growing fears began to rise
Sheer panic all around
This love I thought so wonderful
This love so glad I’d found
Mental confusion everywhere
Not quite understanding why
This love had turned so ugly
As time was passing by
So devastated my heart did ache
I slowly realized
This love, all part of an evil plan
To keep me from heavens gate

When All Is Said And Done

When All Is Said And Done

We are living for the moment
We are dying through the years
We are protecting self with lies
from all our endless fears
We are deaf to fortune’s knock
We are blind to others’ pain
We’re looking out, with eagle-eyes for all there is to gain
But when the moment’s over
When your life is through
Will you look with disappointment at all you’ve clutched to you?
Will you find that all your worldy goods give you no comfort through your strife?
Will you wish you could begin again
Building Love within your life.

Up And Down

Up And Down


Woke up this morning smile on my face,
Feeling like a human no longer displaced.
Yesterday’s gloom my sleep erased.
Looking foward to air , the birds and trees.
Feeling so at eased.
At the end of the day I’ll go back and pray on my knees.
Asking that tomorrow be up again, instead of down.

Missing: Compassion

Missing: Compassion


The beggar walks the crowded street
Morning to evening, his daily beat
As others avoid his redolent self
Wrinkling their nose, turning their head
“Spare some change?” all hear him ask
Unspoken rejection, as answers lack.
Everyone’s busy, everyone’s scared,
Of being fooled, of being ensnared,
They hide in contempt, judgment and frown
Where kindness simply cannot reach down.
Where’s the compassion that feeds the heart?
Does man need an excuse to play the part?
A giving of coin, belies the act
It is so very much more than that
Enriches our life, polishes the soul
Exiles afar the bitter scowl.
The bum has a purpose, believe it or not
To keep in this world, stubbornly, hope
Showing the way to those few who listen
Far brighter than gold does loveĀ“s labor glisten

Loving Hands


Loving hands are tender and warm. 

When you shake a loving hand it’s like,
Enjoying your favorite hot bowl of soup on a cold snowy night. 

You feel all warm inside.

Loving hands protect you when you’re afraid.

They hold you close and wipe the tears away. 

Loving hands do not point the finger of blame. 

Loving hands will never leave us or betray us. 

Life is  perilous,loving hands please stay.
Wipe all my tears,fears and insecurities out of my mind.

Loving hands I thank
Allah for ya,

Because you are a magnificent find.