Many Years Ago

Many Years Ago

Many, Many years ago, 

When I was only three, 

My mother took me to her breast, and whispered these words to me. 

Never say what you will never be, never say what you will be. 

The only thing that is certain is death, of this you will never be free.

The Risk

The Risk


There’s something about you that
Makes my love for you strong,
Even  if loving you is wrong.
I would walk for miles and miles,
Just to see you for a little while.
But what will happen if you make a mistak?
Will my heart ever break?
I guess i won’t know until i give it a shot.
But will this risk cost a lot?

Being 18

Being 18

When I was 18 I got married and had a baby.
Life is hard when you have to work to make ends meat for a family.

 Have a family at 17
Sometimes is fun. 

It has it good and bad points. 

You can try so hard to be the best you can. 

You can’t party anymore like you could. 

You can’t date more than one person. 

Life is hard and all it does is get harder as you go along.

 That is would it is like to be 18 and married.
Old poem I wrote when I was 18