It’s Hard Being A Single Female

It’s Hard Being A Single Female

It’s hard being a single female today
Yeah, you think you can pull a fast one my way
The blind leads the blind, but not a single one
Can beat us because we are a single woman
People try to take advantage of us singles
Because they think that we can just be swindled
Sadly mistaken to take us for granted
Although at times we feel disenchanted
Disillusioned, disappointed, embittered, let down
But somehow we always seem to get around
The slick, shallow, superficial ones we meet
Just know that a strong single woman you won’t defeat
You see me alone, by myself, and without a man
Yet, independent, strong, ambitious and so determined
Hence, don’t get it twisted because this single woman
Deserves respect, appreciation, love, truth and devotion
It’s hard being a single female in this malevolent world
But we strive long and hard because we are single girls
Not defective, incomplete, or single because we have no man
It’s simply because you need to look at me again


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