The Woman of Forgotten Need

The Woman of Forgotten Need

For me you hate.
Hate is a nature,
A greed,
For me.
Sinfully we love,
A burden for the day.
Lost in swollen eyes,
We forget,
To listen,
To say.
I have grown past my want,
For forgotten memories lie.
About the hate we feed,
In my heart, a farmiliar friend,
That swollen eyes miss to see.
What you don’t see or miss,
Is the greed in the nature you hate.
For me you hate.

Loving young

Loving young

It seems as though its all about you,
You never consider what I want to do.
You do what you want and just how you feel,
Leaving me to wonder if our love is real.
Your young this I know, but you are no child,
Yet you always go out and end up getting buck wild.
I love you so much and I’m trying you know,
But what will it take to get you to show,
Just what your feeling and stop holding it in,
If I can’t handle it I will just be your friend.
And, just so you know where my heart belongs,
If I do leave I will call you off and on.
Think of me often don’t wonder or cry,
Because my love will be here til the day that I die.

Happiness Is..

Happiness Is…


A friendly “hi”
A word of advice
A simple smile
When you’re feeling nice
A soft,warm bed
With snow-white lace
A cuddley pup
A pretty face
The sound of rain
Against your sill
A mountain view
A grassy hill
No binding vows
For you to keep
You say your prayers
And fall asleep.