Her Final Wish

Her Final Wish

One day there was a little girl
Who dreamed that she could fly
Like a bird up in the air
And far into the sky
Her dream could not come true though
Because she had no wings

And so she had to sit and think
And ponder other things
She thought and thought 

“What can I be”,

Then she made one final wish
She jumped into a pool one day
And turned into a fish

Universal Stranger (My claim to the Name)

Universal Stranger (My claim to the Name)


Without exception I have found . . .My soul
forever bound to a world that confounds.
My love – so profound – an agitated blood-
hound. Hearing what has no sound.Swim in
filth – I drowned. Never gaining ground.
Thoughts slosh around. Mentally unsound?
Speak words – they rebound.The echoes
compound my feelings – inbound.Attempting
union – I propound.To inquiry – I expound.
My hopes still abound. Seeking “love”
renowned;Friendship newfound. This does not
redound. Reactions – they astound. Hope
becomes unwound. Tears silently resound.
I tread this “stomping” ground. While
turmoil’s surround. With confidence I am
crowned it will never be unbound. The desire
ought to drown. My peace is hallowed
ground.My freedom – never to impound.Once
lost – forever found.




Melting and melancholy princess all alone
Sings like a nightingale buts never heard her own
Voice like an angel lifted to the sky
Will of the devil wanting to die
Isolation keeps her whole

But Isolation eats her soul

Watches to the sky so black

Princess forgets to watch her back
No one but her seems in the room
But some one, 

Or something glooms
Deep in the night someone will wait

No one but them knows the princess’ fate
Not long now

Until she dies,
In silent solitude
Death creeps up behind her
Shadows fill the room



So you see the tears, 

Flowing down my cheeks like a roaring ocean tide?

Do you see all the hurt, pain, 

And anger through my tears?
Do you see the little girl who only wants to be hugged,

 And loved through my tears?
Who do you see through my tears?
I’m  you on a dark, 

Lonely night when no one is there . . .
Silently you cry . . . 

Knowing deep in your heart,
You can get through this again, 

One more time.
You see tears bring courage, 


And wisdom.

Don’t let them!!!

Don’t let them!!!

Don’t let them tear you down just because you are brown,
Don’t let them make you cry or make you want to die,
Don’t you dare hold your head down for that they would see they had bung you down.
Keep your head up child.
Don’t let them be the reason why you go home and cut yourself.
For that I would say,get out make it your day and love yourself!

What you want

What you want


Shall I tell you I’m afraid?
Shall I show you the tears?
Let you creep inside my shell
And drowned in all my fears?
You wonder why it can’t be right
Why I’m always moody and down
If I gave you all my reasons
My brain would begin to pound
Too many things to worry about
Too many days to dread
It’s times like these when I miss you the most
That I wish I were dead
I want to share I truly do
But I’m afraid of what you’d say
If you knew the thoughts in my mind
And how I kept my demons at bay
I see your smile I see your frown
I know you want to understand
I’m sorry there are no better words
To give you what your heart demands.

A Dream For Reality

A Dream For Reality


Looking at the endless ocean…memories of a strong love
Waves foamy and chilled spraying in my face.
I am alone now, in my own little world dreaming of the past;
Still hoping for a future uncertain of what is awaiting….
Seagulls flying carefree..holding the key to life’s happiness
Looking up I await for the key to fall,but those creatures are too
Wise. reclining waves on the drenched sand
Pulling away from life’s miseries.
I’m still gazing in a dream looking and
Reaching out as far as I can
Will I ever live in reality?
Maybe sometime my past will catch up
To me again –
And the love will be even stronger
Looking ahead seeing nothing but
Another hope …
Another dream …
When will it end and become reality?


It’s spring the trees are blossoming and the sun is
Shining and the children are
Happy and playing under the sun as
I walked down the street to go get a nice cold
Drink from the corner
Store as I walked in I ran into
This man with a handsom smile and perfect 
Teeth  and he said
What’s   a beautful woman like you
Doing out her under all this sun?

And I said just listening to the wind as I
Said walking away and he turned and said yes you
Are right I forgot the forcast today was the
season of love and I said that is why I am listening
slowly to the wind.

Apple Thoughts

Apple Thoughts


If you were an apple
Shiny and sweet
Your wholeness all mine
For Me to eat
I  would know your likeness
From that very first bite
And crave you thereafter
As you are my appetite
With each taste of your being
The more I amour
Not wasting single savors
Right down to the core
And knowing the best bite
Is always the very last
I chew on this conclusion
On love that’s come and passed…….
You’re tasty.

My Conscience

My Conscience


Tied between the tides’unfold
Dwell the secrets dare not told
Rolling, drifting, floating in sea-green blue
Waiting to unlock the sweetest taboo
If my secrets are contained in a hermit’s shell,
when washed upon shore will they then prevail?
If I placed them in a bottle that sunk to the ocean floor,
will they then be found one day stuck in sand upon the shore?
If so, then let my secrets stay with me,
for they are not safe even if tossed into the sea.
I will tell no one! They will stay in my heart.
My secrets and me til death do we part.