Universal Stranger (My claim to the Name)

Universal Stranger (My claim to the Name)


Without exception I have found . . .My soul
forever bound to a world that confounds.
My love – so profound – an agitated blood-
hound. Hearing what has no sound.Swim in
filth – I drowned. Never gaining ground.
Thoughts slosh around. Mentally unsound?
Speak words – they rebound.The echoes
compound my feelings – inbound.Attempting
union – I propound.To inquiry – I expound.
My hopes still abound. Seeking “love”
renowned;Friendship newfound. This does not
redound. Reactions – they astound. Hope
becomes unwound. Tears silently resound.
I tread this “stomping” ground. While
turmoil’s surround. With confidence I am
crowned it will never be unbound. The desire
ought to drown. My peace is hallowed
ground.My freedom – never to impound.Once
lost – forever found.




Melting and melancholy princess all alone
Sings like a nightingale buts never heard her own
Voice like an angel lifted to the sky
Will of the devil wanting to die
Isolation keeps her whole

But Isolation eats her soul

Watches to the sky so black

Princess forgets to watch her back
No one but her seems in the room
But some one, 

Or something glooms
Deep in the night someone will wait

No one but them knows the princess’ fate
Not long now

Until she dies,
In silent solitude
Death creeps up behind her
Shadows fill the room



So you see the tears, 

Flowing down my cheeks like a roaring ocean tide?

Do you see all the hurt, pain, 

And anger through my tears?
Do you see the little girl who only wants to be hugged,

 And loved through my tears?
Who do you see through my tears?
I’m  you on a dark, 

Lonely night when no one is there . . .
Silently you cry . . . 

Knowing deep in your heart,
You can get through this again, 

One more time.
You see tears bring courage, 


And wisdom.

Don’t let them!!!

Don’t let them!!!

Don’t let them tear you down just because you are brown,
Don’t let them make you cry or make you want to die,
Don’t you dare hold your head down for that they would see they had bung you down.
Keep your head up child.
Don’t let them be the reason why you go home and cut yourself.
For that I would say,get out make it your day and love yourself!