Eulogy for India

Eulogy for India


The mysteries of India
Swallowed up by the earth itself.
Nature consuming nature
Making us contemplate and wonder why.
Lost souls, lost hopes, lost dreams, lost tomorrow”s.
Families, friends, young and old alike.
How can we understand this?
We know who is in control.
How He commands the earth, the sea, the sun and moon.
We know He can alter the tiniest speck of master in the universe.
We know that in our darkest hour, He gives us understanding and peace.
So what have we gained from this?
New guardian angels to watch over us.
Added members to the heavenly choir to sing and praise Him.
New determination and purpose of mind to care more for our fellowman.
Appreciation for all that we have and all that we hope to be.
Commitments to ourselves and others breaking the chains of self.
An added assurance that time is relevant,
And that we too, will be with Him someday.

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