A Message To My Husband

A Message To My Husband


Do you know how much I love you
Even more than I can say?
Well, I will try and let you know
On this our special day.
You make me feel so safe,
So protected, so secure
That there is no doubt in my mind
Your love is true and sure
Because of this, I want to say
I love you with all my heart
And know without a single doubt
That we will never part.
I know we’ve had our problems
And I know we’ve had our woes,
But there’s one thing about it honey,
It really keeps us on our toes.
Our marriage has grown stronger
For all that we’ve been through
And with everything that’s in me
I know that I love you

Awakening To Reality

Awakening To Reality


He stood there with his smooth black eyes
And stared at me in negligee.
The night was cold and dark for Death
WIth moonlight bright upon the sill.
His teeth were smooth and milky white
WIth rose colored lips he smirked.
My throat was bare for all the world with
Curving, gulping, fearful breaths.
His eyes never wavered form their perch
At the curve of my shoulder and neck.
The steps were loud drawing close with
The kiss that would lock me in eternity.
The fangs sunk deep into sinless skin
Hot and moist biting through.
My knees were buckling in exquisite form
And the bruises spread with force.
He layed me down on hardwood floor
As we watched the redness spread.

Friends Are Forever

Friends Are Forever


Friends are forever,
And forever has no end
So let’s learn together,
And maybe become friends.
Friends are forever,
Yes that is true,
First we need to meet someone,
And I am glad that I have met someone like you.
NFriends are forever,
That is what I like to say
So lets talk some more
And let this friendship go on its way.
Friends are forever,
That is what I like to think
So come sit down next to me
And lets just have a drink!
Friends are forever,
So when you find that special person you want to call a friend
Don’t let that person go,
Because friends are forever, and forever has no end!

No More You

No More You


No More You
No more thinking about you
No more hoping there would become a you and me
No more wasting time
No more wanting you to be mine
No more thinking about old memories in my head
No more thinking about what you said
No more trying to be friends
No mre thinking about how things should of been
No more wanting to know how you really feel
No more trying to keep it real
No more knowing you found someone new
No more thinking if your feeling were true
No more hoping you felt the same
No more playing your childish games
No more feelings being denied
No more hoping we could of at least tried
No more having nights cried
No more not wanting to say good-bye
No more thinking about what to do
No more, 

Cause I’m over you!

The Very Last Piece

The Very Last Piece


Set out on a journey, I was determined to find.
A Love that had always been missing,over a period of time.
Instead all I found remined me of a puzzle.
while trying to piece it together, somewhere,
Now faced with another struggle, that
Has me caught between deciet and reality
Now realizing that one makes mistakes,but
as for those last piece’s I couldn’t find the place for.
Working way to hard to force them to fit.
In need of rest, so forced to quit.
Is when I got this all figured it out.
Just like placing the last piece of a puzzle,
understanding that puzzle’s are used to occupy time.
The Most Important thing bout puzzles

To All My FriendsĀ 

It’s amazing when strangers become friends, 

But it’s sad when friends become strangers.

 I never want to lose you as a friend! 

Send this to all your friends.

 Including me, 

If you consider me one. 

I met you as a stranger.

 Now I have you as a friend. 

I hope we meet in our next walk of life where friendship never ends. 

I may not be the most important person in your LiFE 

I just hope that when you hear my name you smile and say THATS MY friend!