Remembering September 11, 2001


I have been shocked into silence
Not knowing quite what to say
And I’m still in utter disbelief
And absolute total dismay
The horror that I saw that day
When I turned on my TV set
Is more than I can ever describe
Nor one I will ever forget
But there is one thing I have to say
We all just need to stay strong
And support this nation for which we stand
And in which we all belong
We must have faith we will succeed
And believe we have nothing to fear
For this great country in which we live
Will surely persevere

The Flag

The Flag


The Flag–what a beautiful site.
The red, white, and blue
A blowin’ in the breeze
Is there for me and you.
She has been through so much
For such a short life,
The trials and tribulations
And so much strife.
So many have fought and died
For the right to let her wave.
The fight to give us freedom
And our world to save.
May we all remember her,
In all we say and do.
Remember her in our prayers
So that God will know too.


Life blurs together in a mistaken dream of coherence.
Two hearts beat as one…
And lend strength to the one who’s will is a malleable sculpture.
One heart fails…
And the strength diminishes, the heart is a forgotten illusion.
Make up life, love, and delusions.
Add to strife, pain, and confusion.
Bring me wisdom, strength, and solutions.