What you really want


I cry for you,

I push and pull and strain
I’d die for you 

So that only you’d remain
I break my heart,

I break my back
Making you spineless,

 My forget me not
I chase you away 

To get you to stay
My own little game, 

So lets go play
You wanted a girl
With skinned knees

Who climbs trees
But she cracked her head 

On the way down
And it’s cracked her smile
Hold you forever 

In deaths embrace
Sounds like a song that you’d know

A caress is worth a thousand words
But rape is much more fun

I gave you your own soul to despoil
Why do you hold it so?

A cup of angel spit will clear that up
Mergence is futile




Sunshine smiles Hard, cold eyes
Seeming perfection Glittering lies.
Ornamental beauties Feet of clay.
Costume jewelry Gold over gray.
Profound conversation nothing is said.
Pretty, painted faces pretty, empty heads.
They all look so different all are the same
Programmed robots playing their game.
Varied pieces of plaster an identical mold
Inwardly lead outwardly gold.
Meaningless friendships that come and go
Superficial lives create for show.
They talk about things but do they feel?
I’m starting to wonder if anyone’s real.