When problems in life make you seem weak
That’s when you are most likely defeated.
But once you realize, there is a strength
In you that can not be weakened, that’s when
You see clearly and your path in life is deepened.
Don’t let any one or any thing choose your destiny,
Just trust in who you are and proceed accordingly.
You are strongest in your darkest hour,
So hang tough and believe in your power.
Power to control your own destiny and not settle for
Anything less than what you want your life to be.
Yes, this strength lies deep
Inside us all.
So, when you’re about to fall, take a step back,
Reflect on who you are and answer the call.

One thought on “Strength

  1. Difficult to answer when you’ve been pulled in so many different directions and nothing seems to work…just collapsing and turning to Allah is all that’s left, but the scars of failure still haunt you – from inside and other people.

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