Your are Never Alone


We grieve for your lost deeply from our hearts
The lost is not only for you but for all humanity

While world watched silently and helplessly of scenes of this horror
Thousands had died for someone else’s act of revenge and hatred

While fire blazed on, people we knew and loved were lost among the rubbles
Cry’s I heard and the scenes these eyes witnessed will haunt me for the rest of my life

How would they have felt knowing the fate of their life been taken upon by hatred
Life is been given to serve a purpose and not be destroyed by ones desire

Yet on that day, life was lost for reasons that can not ever be justified
What made them carry out and execute such monstrous mission?

Did their human feelings were over powered by sense of duty, guided by a dark force?
Didn’t they have anybody in this world, family, friends or anyone they cared about?

What purpose did they see or thought would serve this inhuman act?
Did they think it was for the greater good of this world?

What ever is been said and done, the destruction have had already taken place
We Cannot turn back the time or undo what has happened and that’s the reality

Now comes the hardest part, which is to regain what was lost in every sole
You are never alone; we will be with you always how distant we are

“We dedicate this to all that have lost their lives and to all that were touched by this devastation”


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