Searching ( 5)

Searching ( 5)

I’ve walked in travel and searched this land far and wide,
It’s not a bid for fame or just to seek a thrill in life,
I feel restless, a yearning that I have locked away inside,
If only to explain all yearning that sets my mind a rife,
All such beauty trapped and cannot be released within,
Then the thought of restlessness that beckons me to gratify,
With all call to tame this yearning that’s held deep down in
If this demand that is locked away could reach out to satisfy,
All heart of dreams shattered from life when I can’t foretell,
To seek all mystery would satisfy me for only such awhile,
This everlasting yearning that now curses me in all of hell,
With such a feeling mixed in a mind I can’t explain but smile,
I know a famous man once said that all life was a stage,
Each day or year of life this yearning yet turns another page.


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