A One Sided Love

A One Sided Love
 Love is the only thing that holds me here,
 The very essence of you keeps me going,
 The memories of you and what we shared,
 Kissing you and holding you close,
 Fighting never to let go,
 But you slipped through my fingers like grains of sand,
 Flowing through the hourglass,
 Our time together slowly fading away,
 Making the endless dream become a nightmare,
 No escape of pain and suffering,
 Nothing but falling down an endless void,
 For what was lost will never be found,
 Our beautiful dream suddenly forgotten,
 Never again to be thought of,
 Forever to remain a distant memory.

4 thoughts on “A One Sided Love

  1. It’s Masha’Allah so beautiful and true. Sister if you have gone through this phase in life, see it a blessing that, Allah (SWT) took that individual out if your life, so you can focus on yourself and your future. I know that’s hard to believe, but Alhumdullilah I can say trust me, as I had gone through that and at that moment, astagfirullah death seemed welcoming, but Alhumdullilah Allah (SWT) opened my heart and with time my eyes and I saw the reality and realized, indeed I was blessed Alhumdullilah. May Allah (SWT) give each and everyone of us sabr, especially when we go through such horrible situations. Aameen

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