Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams
Sweet dreams, Come a along way with you
Until you are sweet no more . . .on your own
Mornings never wakes up if you don’t
Sun never goes down if you don’t
It’s all happens just the way you want
So go on. . ..escape. . ..to your dreams
Go along the way like a lover
Dream like you were 8 year old
Roses don’t blossom, if they are no more
Oceans won’t wave, if they weren’t there
So, you move on without a halt
You stop only if you weren’t there
Dance to the rhythm of the life
Fall in love over and over
Dream sweet dreams, feel them
Dreams, they wouldn’t be there with out you
It’s all about you…it`s all yours
Sweet dreams. . ..they are you


I gaze out a window
Into a forest, blanketed with snow
The peaceful quiet creates a longing
And a dream
Deep within the forest
And me
Calls to me
I want to go into it
Though it would be beautiful enough to just stand here
And watch it
The glass frames it so well
And only then do I know
I’ve always been in this room
Always looking out
Separated by glass
Never realizing I could do anything about it
Until now.
Climax drives the quickening snow
As though someone shook the globe
As I take my coat and open the door