Something To Me.

Something To Me.

You are what you are and that’s all that can be,
You are ordinary to others,

But you’re special to me;
You’re different from others,

But altogether still the same,
Yet you have this spirit that can never be tamed;
So just be you,

Because that’s all you can be,
And it may not mean anything to you,
But it does mean something to me.

Bright Angel, Dark Lover

Bright Angel, Dark Lover
My bright angel, my good father.
When I fall into darkness
I see your light,
You help me to climb back out.
Please don’t let me fall,
Take my hand and pull me out,
Out of my myriad of sins.
My dark lover, My dark angel.
When I wander into the light,
I see your darkness shining back.
You bid me to come to you.
Hold out your hands to me.
Don’t let me wander too far,
Hold my hand and lead me away,
To our home.

Without You

Without You
I’m sitting here without you
Wishing this was all a bad dream
I pretend there’s still time
To be there before you leave
To tell you things you need to know
to tell you I love you before you go
One more chance to make things right
One more chance to say goodbye
Instead I’m sitting here tonight
With old memories of you insight
So I can’t help but think
Of how ashamed you must be
But I want you to know
That I love you and I’m sorry