I feel nothing but this void; this tension pulling me inside out.
This inability to love, or react.
So dull.
So grey.
Deep down I know that
I shouldn’t get close to anyone
Because underneath it all is this monstrous form of which I cannot contain.
Maybe I am not all here.
Maybe I am dissolving; more and more as time goes by.

Maybe I’ve lost my mind.

They Slew Me

They tore out my heart,

These demons of discord and malice.
They feasted on it,

Those demons of hatred and spite.
I had no chance, not a prayer,

I didn’t even resist.
And this life it keeps going,

And I can never stop it.
Everyday,one more day,

I live to rue my existence.
I can’t deny,

I’ve had a hand in my own demise.
It’s so unfair,
I was so young.
Despite even that and my innocence,
They slew me