Our Castles of Sand

Our Castles of Sand

Hands determinedly digging through sand,
Rocks and shells pounding,
 Pumping and preparing magnificent mounds of living structure.
 Like castles of sand
 On a burning beach,
 Our cities emerge
  From lifeless barren soil.
  A network of confusion
  Erupting into violence and hate.
  Only the rich can have
  The upper windows
   That look out and on,
   From the mess their hands have formed.
 The others,
Sitting in houses
 Awaiting death.
Seizing, grasping any kind of joy
  That comes their way,
  Even if their joy claims
 That of others.
Stagnated youth,
Lying helpless at the end of a needle
 Stolen innocence of childhood appeasing the lusts of men
Tyrannical credit cards
Seizing wealth that does not exist,
Pulling people into poverty
 In the name of freedom.
The tide always comes
What we think is permanent,
Stable and prolonged
   Disappears in an instant.
Our castles of sand
 That cost so much of life and beauty to build,
Will one day,
 All be washed away.

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