Islam Solution To Humanity

Islam Solution to Humanity

Islam is peace Islam is beautiful 

Islam is successful 

Islam is unity

 Islam is purity

Islam is love and prosperity

 Islam is not hatred or adversity

 Islam is not rivalry and enmity

 Islam is true salvation 

Islam means no harm or affliction 

Love Islam...

 Live Islam... 

Spread Islam...

Love Sick

I can’t hold it in, all this pain. 
I can’t take the insanity of these mind games. 
It’s killing me, tearing me apart inside. 
The longer I contemplate it,

The less of it I can take. 
Fall into my black hole, and woe be unto you. 
My saddened state is somewhere I don’t want to be.
I have no choice, it’s draining me. 
Until I draw my last breath,

I’ll suffer here in this world. 
So every night when I go to sleep, I beg. 
Pray that if I must suffer, let me then die.

Dreams of Tempest

Fathomless, the eternal 
oblivion sings its dirge for me. 
To love me not, to hide away 
in whispering shadows instead. 
You are the velvet, viscid 
viper’s voice inside my head, the 
Warm, enticing darkness 
that everyone dreads. 
I fear you not, I love you 
Yet I know you not. 
Like cool rain on a suffocating 
Night, you soothe the anguish in my soul 
Where nothing else can reach. 
You are the greatest teacher and the perfect lover and yet…

Alone we 
Are and empty both are we 
The enlightened living in shadow, lonely 
ever more.