There is a lot of anger

There is a lot of anger
Here in my
What is this
This thing
Inside my chest
I can’t even remember
It’s just too painful
I can’t even say the
Word, it feels like
For too long
There hasn’t been
Anything there, anything
Inside it
Anything at all
Inside me

Explaining Depression

Slumping in depression and sadness that rocked me to the core.

Reality has hit.

My world isn’t the same everything has changed !

Gone are the rose tinted glasses

Gone is the sprinkling of light rain showers filled with the laughter of children splashing in the puddles.

When I outside all I see is gray fog filled everything in muted colors ,

Like all the colors are washed away and then replaced with gray ,

Gray in varying shades depending on the hour and how I feel sometimes I can escape from the sadness and depression

But it’s usually short lived and it’s getting harder and harder to find ways to not feel so bad

Living life with a chronic recurring mental illness is very lonely and at times isolating, Then there are the times when you want to do things and feel better but nothing seems to actually help,

This is when you just try to survive on good enough yes there are days when good enough is all I can do

Then other days were good enough and plastering on my mask and get through the day until I can go hide away and cry.

State of mind

State of mind
One day I laugh
The next day I cry
I’m just hanging on
While life pases me by
Somewhere I have the will
But I don’t know the way
I dream of a happy life
From my bed where I lay
But I must accept
Only I have the key
To take one day at a time
And set myself free
So I take a deep breath
And I crawl out of bed
I won’t waste another day
I’ll be smiling instead
I look forward to my future
In my new state of mind
Now I’m back in control
I’ve left the darkness behind

“Practice What You Preach”

“Practice What You Preach”

You can know all the scriptures,
Have all the Quraan you can reach,
But when push comes to shove
Do you practice what you preach?

Anyone can go to Masjid
And collapse on the floor,
But when Judgment Day comes
Will you be at Heaven’s door?

You can have the biggest of fits
And say the Holy Imam passed through,
But is that really reflected
In the things you do?

You can lecture others
About the wrong things they do,
But before you look at others
You need to look at you.

You can damn all the sinners
Tell them they’re headed south,
But what have you done lately
Besides run your mouth?

You can call yourself a Muslim
Spend all your days at Masjid,
But while you are praising His name,
Have you been doing the Allah’s work?

You can boast of good deeds
To show us the spirit is within
But why show it to us?
You should show it to Him!

You can memorize the Qraan
Know it from front to back,
But you don’t use it to regulate others
Regulate how you act!

Take a good look at yourself
Not at what others do,
Because when the Prophet comes to get his children …
Will He be coming for you too?

–Author Unknown


Islam is a way of life, try it
Islam is a gift, accept it.
Islam is a journey, complete it
Islam is a struggle, fight for it.
Islam is an opportunity, take it.
Islam is not for sinners, overcome it.
Islam is not a game, don’t play with it.
Islam is not a mystery, behold it.
Islam is not a for rewards, behold it.
Islam is not for the dead, live it.
Islam is a promise, fulfill it
Islam is a duty, perform it.
Islam is a treasure (the prayer), pray it.
Islam is a beautiful way of life, see it.
Islam has a message for you , hear it.
Islam is love, love it.