Darkness, All Consuming

Alone again in this 
Light, I see the peril 
Of the darkness. 
I watch it and it me. 
As it infects and destroys 
All that I see, I 
Wonder why I just stand 
Here, all by myself, 
With no one to help me. 
It’s only a matter of 
Waiting now. This all consuming 
Dark, its everblooming light, 
All just for me and my agony to 
Share and I make 
One last silent cry as I too am concealed.

A Well That Will Never Run Dry

The tears I cry are sad 
And lonely tears, filled with 
Heartbreaking pain and bitter fears 
Of what may not come to be. 
I stare out into the midnight 
Blue darkness that engulfs the 
Night of my soul and feel my 
Heart sink, so crestfallen inside 
That the world is not still 
Beautiful and green with life 
And love such as the love that 
Lies dormant and waiting in the 
Core of my soul’s heart. It loves 
Purely, faithfully, and forever all 
That ask the vows. This is the well 
That will never run dry, this is the 
Reason the distance makes me cry.