New Moon

The new moon has been sighted Shaaban is over Ramadhan has begun

And I’m so excited
I wake up for suhoor

And see the feast

But unable to eat much

Because images flash in front of me

About those who are poor

And will have nothing but water and a piece of bread

If they are lucky
As I begin my fast

I see images of my ummah being blasted

By the dastardly and cowardly

From five thousand feet high

Who don’t care who they hit, kill and maim

Even during Ramadhan
I read the Quran

And struggle after a few pages

My eyes turn bleary

Concentration wanes

And I think about my brothers

Resisting injustice

In far away lands And I shed a few tears
Iftar time

And my favorite delicacies are missing

I start complaining

I fail to see the blessing

For that which

I have

And always crave for more
I stand for terrawaih

My feet ache

I count the rakahs

Wishing the Imam would hurry

But my brothers in lands far away

Have no choice

But to stand and protect

The Ummah’s dignity

From the marauding crusaders
Eid is night

I buy new clothes

And shops are busy

In the hustle and bustle

I think of the widows and orphans

Struggling to make do

Wearing rags and just surviving

Sometimes begging and prostituting
My days are carefree

Without worry

Or stress

While the majority of the Ummah

Suffer and live in poverty
So ungrateful Disrespectful

For all that Allah has blessed me with
Maybe if Allah swapped me

With those who have little

Then I would contemplate

And appreciate

The mercy of Allah

Towards me and family
But those in hardship

Appreciate the little

And not belittle

What they have

And thank Allah

For the things we take for granted

Especially the Quran
Turning to it constantly

For inspiration

And Motivation

As they struggle on a daily basis

To Make Allah’s word high

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