Children Of Insurrection

Children Of Insurrection
I write to tell you of a race
that lives in a ‘disputed’ place
where little boys are not quite boys
who get to play outside with toys
but bullet shells do they collect
and tear gas they do feel affect
their tiny little lungs, and eyes
as Israel plots their demise
How many more of these must die?
Before the world stops to ask: why,
did no one think to intervene
and stop this cruel, horrific, scene?
The Palestinians are alone
each throwing their own little stone
at army men with machine guns
the fervor of these people stuns!
So more and more of them do die
And time continues to pass by
Yet still no one thinks to step in
to help these children, and their kin
There are no cameras to show
the injustice these people know
They cannot go to school each day
for politics stands in their way
How can you explain to a child
who is in essence meek and mild
he cannot have the simple things
like shoes, and kites and planes and rings?
A child of seven should not know
of death, and pain, and other woes
His main concern should never be
if he’ll be allowed to go free!
These are just basic human rights
who in their name, so many fight!
But no one comes here to attack
the injustice and severe lack
of too many things for me to name
Of behavior that’s inhumane!
So, Israel sends tanks and guns
And Palestine loses her sons!
What crime did these people commit,
To deserve such a fate as this?

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