Help Us Lord

Help us, dear Lord.

We pray
To show the world the way
To conquer drink,



And greed.
Show us in your kindness how to succeed,
Then we can help each other when life is on the blink.
If you will only show us the proper way to think,
With your help behind us,

From you helping hand
We could surely make this a really Islamic  land.
This lovely world you gave us was for all to share:
People of every nation, wildlife everywhere.
It isn’t theirs or ours;

It is a gift from you
To be shared with all creation,

Our whole life through.
Loving one another,

Spreading peace across all lands:
People of every creed and denomination,

Holding hands,
Joining in the prayer,

For a better way.
Help us, dear Lord, we pray.

(Copyright ©2003 ) . 

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