The Women I Admire

The Woman I admire

Wearing her attire

Hiding her figure,

Curbing my desire..

The Woman I desire
Fearing the (hell) Fire
Is diligent in her prayers
For the rewards of life hereafter…

The Woman I encounter
Is beyond bother
With the keen race
To beautify the face!

The Woman I ask
From dawn to dusk
Is busy with ALLAH




The Woman

I observe
Certainly deserves
Better respect
Than what she expects

The Woman

I listen
Is very,

Very stern
For her it is a must
To control one’s lust

But the Women

I see sad to say, most wear “minis”
Alone I lament…

“VIAGRA on heels”?
Though they are not made for this!

The Woman

I met
Boasting her beauty
Most probably by surgery?
But does she know it is all temporary?

Hence, the Woman

I know is advised to follow
The sunnah of our beloved Rasulullah
From head to toe….

The Woman

I judge often bears a grudge

She requests (or rather protests)
But please bear in mind ALLAH’S inquest!

The Women I hurt (by this article)
Please do not curse or smut
For it is better I warned
Before all is gone…


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