Nothing is easy, until God makes it easy…

They say with time it gets easier but sometimes it really doesn’t. The realisation of what’s lost becomes more evident. The memories replay over & over. The temporary distractions stop working & the reality of the situation sets in. A big hole. And we as humans need that hole to be filled.  And you know […]

Fast Food with a difference! It’s fast & it’s cake-y!!!

Fast Food with a difference! It’s fast & it’s cake-y!!! So, I’m sitting in my kitchen thinking I need more ‘rest’ time after my very busy week last week! Rest = tea & biscuits (cookies) or coffee & cake right? Of course it does!😀 I have tea – green tea, mint tea, earl grey tea, English […]

The Women I Admire

The Woman I admire

Wearing her attire

Hiding her figure,

Curbing my desire..

The Woman I desire
Fearing the (hell) Fire
Is diligent in her prayers
For the rewards of life hereafter…

The Woman I encounter
Is beyond bother
With the keen race
To beautify the face!

The Woman I ask
From dawn to dusk
Is busy with ALLAH




The Woman

I observe
Certainly deserves
Better respect
Than what she expects

The Woman

I listen
Is very,

Very stern
For her it is a must
To control one’s lust

But the Women

I see sad to say, most wear “minis”
Alone I lament…

“VIAGRA on heels”?
Though they are not made for this!

The Woman

I met
Boasting her beauty
Most probably by surgery?
But does she know it is all temporary?

Hence, the Woman

I know is advised to follow
The sunnah of our beloved Rasulullah
From head to toe….

The Woman

I judge often bears a grudge

She requests (or rather protests)
But please bear in mind ALLAH’S inquest!

The Women I hurt (by this article)
Please do not curse or smut
For it is better I warned
Before all is gone…