The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the
best of everything; they
just make the most of everything that comes along
their way.
Talk, walk, behave, the way you ought to……..
Change for the better not for the worst………
Wisdom to live by:
“A Muslim is a brother to another Muslim: he does not oppress him, nor
he hand him over to an oppressor. Whoever meets the needs of his
Allah will meet his needs; whoever relieves his brother of a torment,
will relieve him of one of the torments of the Day of Resurrection; and
whoever shields a Muslim, Allah will shield him on the Day of
Resurrection.”–Prophet Muhammad [Peace and Blessings upon him]



You are so sadly understood
You draw so much attention to yourself
You have comforted me
As simple as you are,
You brought greatness with you.
You make me look different,
Cause me to stand out in a crowd
And for this I thank you.
You guard my modesty,
You make me unique
You make me lose my vanity,
And instill my humility.
You enjoin on me good
You help me to be strong
You cause me to defy convention
You make others think that for some reason
I have something to proclaim
You make me search for something
Deeper than fortune and fame
You keep my life in constant
In times of uncertainty and change.
You help me to believe
You open my eyes to the lies and deceit.
You teach me to be kind,
And never to cheat.
You soar in the wind with an elegance and charm
You say to the people, “This lady is a flag-bearer of Islam”
You tell me to pray
Wherever I may be.
You fill me with confidence,
You set me free
You make some people smile,
While you fill others with contempt.
You help me to know who is a true friend
You keep me in the company
Of those who truly repent.
You are my shield as I walk
Through the battlefield of life.
You protect me from evil and save me from strife
You identify my inner beauty for everyone to see
You say, “She’s got a lot of character to be seen with me”
You shelter me from the burning sun.
You save me from the cursed one
You protect me from those in whose hearts there is a disease
You continue to dignify my life with bounties like these
You are a faithful companion wherever I go.
You speak of a place with gardens underneath which rivers flow
Yes, you are just a simple piece of cloth which I wear everyday,
But you represent more good in my life
Than I have ink to say!


Real Happiness In front of you
Know the truth of Islam which brings you happiness by knowing the following:
1. Allah is the sole creator, provider of sustenance and sole planner who has no partners and helpers.
2. Islam calls to the worship of one deity who neither has children nor is He born and there is none comparable to Him.
3. No one benefits or is harmed except that it is willed by Allah, if He wills it to happen, it will happen based upon a great wisdom.
4. None deserves to be worshiped except Allah. There are no intermediaries between the creator and us. He hears and sees and He is above His throne.
5. Islam calls for the happiness in this temporary life and everlasting happiness in the hereafter.
6. Islam is complete, nothing can be added to it nor can another religion be accepted by Allah.
7. Islam is comprehensive it includes how one should relate to their family and society both economically and politically.
8. Islam does not change throughout the centuries since it is for all times and places.
9. Islam calls for respecting the rights of parents, neighbors, relatives and others.
10. Islam calls for aiding others and relieving them from afflictions.
11. Islam calls for saving others from the difficulties of this life and the hereafter by leading them to what Allah is pleased with.
12. Islam calls for the protection of the intellect and body from harmful things.
13. Islam calls for the preservation of everything good and warns against everything evil.
14. Islam calls for the happiness of the people in this life and the hereafter.
15. Islam is not affected by the actions of a few misguided followers as a result of their ignorant actions or misunderstanding of its rules.
16. Islam has given both men and women their complete rights in worship, reward and inheritance. A woman may be apportioned more than a man in certain cases and vice versa based upon the overall benefit of society and the individual.
17. Islam solves all the problems in life in the best way.
18. No one is able to bring a religion similar to Islam in terms of its complete rules and advice with regard to ones needs in life.
19. No one can find any fault or deficiency with Islam except from an ignorant or spiteful person.
20. No one enters this religion and then leaves it if they understand it correctly.
21. Islam is firmly established upon knowledge, action and propagation.
22. Islam has been made easy to follow and is accepted by pious souls.
23. Islam relieves difficulty and accepts few actions based upon Sincerity with great reward in this life and the hereafter.
24. The first Messenger to come was Nuh (Noah) and the last is Muhammad peace be upon them.
25. Muhammad (peace be upon him) is free from errors in the religion and he explained what has been sent down in the revealed Quran.
26. The glorious Quran that was revealed contains no errors and has no contradictions in its rules. It contains news of those who came before us and those who will come after us and judges between us.
27. Islam is based upon the correct belief in Allah, the Angels, the revealed Books, the Messenger, the Day of Judgement and the belief in Predestination, be it good or bad.
28. Islam is based upon: worshiping Allah alone and accepting the message of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), establishing the prayer, paying the Zakah (obligatory charity), fasting month of Ramadan, and performing the Hajj (pilgrimage).
29. Islam calls for being righteous and just to the Muslim and non-Muslims alike.
30. Realize your happiness in this life and the hereafter by entering into Islam. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SPIRITUAL AND BODILY HAPPINESS!!!

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