Here the author, rahimahullaah,  begins to quote evidences for the types of worship which he mentioned in his saying: “And the types of worship which Allaah commanded, such as Islaam, eemaan  and ihsaan,  and from that is supplication (du’aa)…”  So he began by mentioning the evidences for supplication/invocation (du’aa),  and the proofs for Islaam, eemaan and ihsaan  in detail will […]

Just a Peek, Please?

Written by Janet Kozak In January 2015, Artist Ameena Khan put a call out to some Muslim women. She asked for art contributions to her newest series of paintings entitled “Just a Peek, Please?” Those who replied to her inquiry were asked to give a personal statement they wanted to share with a stranger. Khan […]

An Explanation of Allahs Beautiful Names and Attributes part 13

Al Khaaliq, Al Khallāq, Al Bari, al Mussawir These Names are truly appreciated when taken together. They are all to do with Allah having the characteristic of creating.   26) Al Khaaliq This Name of Allah is mentioned in the Qur’an 8 times. It is mentioned in the singular form. For example Allah says:   […]

Tamari Salmon on a Bed of Brown Rice Noodles…

Written By Gracie  Simple, healthy, delicious and vibrant… this dish is perfect for a date night, evening with friends or if you fancy something slightly more exciting when you’re home alone. N.B if you like lots of heat then at stage (5) of the ‘directions’ add some fresh chilli/chilli powder/hot sauce. Ingredients (serves 2): 2…


The Love Is Unconditional..
No Limit To This Love..
Upon The Final Nabi Of Allah..
Is The Endless Blessings From Above..

When Confronted By The Doctors..
And All Those In Repress..
No One Gave A Hand Of Hope..
And Left Him In Distress..

They Said There Is No Cure..
Cnt Find A Way To Help..
Forever They Were To Have Paralysed Limbs..
Lil Did They Know Imaam Busaira Had Another Plan…
The Shining Light, Which Inevitably Became The Only Hope..

When The Night Of Thursday Came..
They Composed The Words Of Love..
Describing The Excellence
And The Status Of The Most Beloved..

Their Sleep Then Affected..
N No Doubt Did They See Light Upon Light..
Their Wish Had Been Accepted..
Their Illness Was No More..
This Is One Of The Blessings Of Rasool Allah..

When The Sun Rose The Next Day…
Witnessing’s The Blessed Scarf Placed By Nabi..
The Secret Was Revealed..
Many Saw, Many Witnessed The encounters of that Day..

The Governor, Baha-Ud-Deen..
They Read And Listened Whilst Standing..
This Can Be A Lesson, One Form Of Respecting…

Every Cure For Ever Illness,,
Can Be Found After Reading..
This Was The Name Given..
The Poem Of The Scarf..

The Love Is Unconditional..
No Limit To This Love..
Upon The Final Nabi Of Allah..
Is The Endless Blessings From Above..

Sallahu Alayhi Wasalaam..
Takbeer Allah Hu Akbar