A SAD Mother IN ME.

A SAD Mother IN ME.

Should I blame the endless fate?
Or Should I blame some one?
When I see my empty hands.
My heart squeezes to death,

My son.
It was a wonder to have you in me.
For months I bore you with care.
How could I say my feelings my Son!
Your silent birth gave me a scare.
I didn’t hear your cry my child.
I didn’t see your face.
Your silent birth and silent death.
Has surely left back a trace.
The memory of your 12 hour life.
Is the only thing I got.
I touch the place you were for months.
And I surely miss you a lot.
I promise you my sleeping son.
Your loving soul,

I will always be.
No one hereafter shall have your place.
As always there shall be,
“A Sad Mother In Me”.

(To My Unborn Son , Whom died before birth)

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