…..Unspoken life……

…..Unspoken life……
I’m lost in my thoughts,
I can’t talk, can’t think,can’t eat,can’t sleep,
I feel like the walking dead that people walk by and can’t see you,
I’m passing my time on this earth waste of time to stick around,
So one day I’ll be gone you won’t care,cause I’m that sad kid bagging on my self,
Funny thought I never gave up on you,
I’m going to be the past of you that wishing you could of help me to stick around,
Walking dead of the streets walk dead of the years I past my by bagging on my self

Silence, Emptiness, And Confusion

Silence builds an awful wreckage of a girl It feeds on loneliness and creates a void Gray shadows haunt and torment and torture A teenager is stricken and destroyed There is no sound of laughter or happiness here The little one has thrown in the towel today Somber, melancholy moods decay the soul It is […]


poem 56

There are nights that I don’t sleep,
Because your always in my head,
I relax in my bedroom,
Right on my bed.I wish you were here,
So you can hold me tight,
And spend the hours,
Holding me threw the whole night.I’m missing you so much,
That my head is spinning,
I just crave for you,
Oh sometimes I wish you just knew.
How much I need you.There are loney nights,
And all I want is you,
Because I have so much fun,
When it’s us two.

I can’t wait to hug you,
And to give you a kiss,
I can’t wait to hold you
Ahh.. I just Miss.

What can I do baby?
When I’m missing you like crazy?

When your always on my mind

Death is Beauty

Come here and place your hand across my mouth
Silence my whispers
When I said you were beautiful it was true
But I didn’t mean it
I just had to tell you.
You took an old cat and drowned it
How anybody could I really don’t know
You said you meant not to
But death is the friend of your frenzy
What meaning comes from meaningless words
More than words you meant to say?
Death is beauty
In a strange city lying alone
Far down within the ends of the world
Where the good and the bad and the worst
And the best have gone to their eternal rest.
There shrines and palaces and towers
(Time-eaten towers that tremble not!)
Resemble nothing that is ours.
Around, by lifting winds forgot,
Resignedly beneath the sky
The melancholy waters lie.
No rays from the holy heaven come down
On the long night-time of that town;
But light from out the lurid sea
Streams up the turrets silently —
Gleams up the pinnacles far and free —
Up domes —
Up spires —
Up kingly halls —
Up fanes —
Up Babylon-like walls —
Up shadowy long-forgotten bowers
Of sculptured ivy and stone flowers —
Up many and many a marvelous shrine
Whose wreathed friezes intertwine
The viol, the violet, and the vine.
Resignedly beneath the sky
The melancholy waters lie.
So blend the turrets and shadows there
That all seem pendulous in air,
While from a proud tower in the town
Death looks gigantically down.
There open fanes and gaping graves
Yawn level with the luminous waves;
But not the riches there that lie
In each idol’s diamond eye —
Not the gaily-jeweled dead
Tempt the waters from their bed;
For no ripples curl, alas!
Along that wilderness of glass —
No swellings tell that winds may be
upon some far-off happier sea —
No heaving hint those winds have been
On seas less hideously serene.
But lo death is beauty; a stir is in the air!
The wave —
There is a movement there!
As if the towers had thrust aside,
In slightly sinking, the dull tide —
As if their tops had feebly given
Avoid within the filmy Heaven.
The waves have now a redder glow–
The hours are breathing faint and low —
And when, amid no earthly moans,
Down, down that town shall settle hence.


In the cold pale morn
Her cold dead lips
She wasn’t in love
She never was
The death that took her was
Doctors diagnosed
But that’s not
Why she died
She died
No one cared
No one called
Her on the phone
She had no one
No one even
Knew where
She lived
At work
She was overlooked
The best in her field
No one
Her friends
Or so they called
Described her
Very timid
Around guys
She died
No one
Loved her
Her heart
Lack of
From the lack of human contact
One day
She decided
To disappear
What’s the use?
No one cares
She thought
All they do is
Give me abuse
I get bullied
And harassed
At work some weirdo jerk grabs
My ass
The day she
Died from
Lack of love
No one noticed
They didn’t
See the empty shell
She was still
Alive to them
They didn’t
The distant look
In her eyes
No one realized
Until it was to late
By then she was gone
Gone was her
Her laugh
In it’s place
Was a blank
Sonic face

An Explanation of Allahs Beautiful Names and Attributes part 11

22) Az Zhaahir    This Name of Allah appears in the Qur’an on one occasion. Allah says: He is the First and the Last, the Ascendant and the Intimate, and He is, of all things, Knowing. [al Hadeed, 57:3]   Linguistic meaning: Something apparent/visible, someone who helps/aids. Someone who has manifested themselves by what is […]