An Explanation of Allahs Beautiful Names and Attributes part 10

20) Al Awwal Ibn qayyim says; There are 4 Names that are the pillars of ilm and knowing Allah (m’arifah) and that are the essence of roobobiyyah and uluhiyyah and the people worship Allah through knowing these Names. These are:   1) Al Awwal 2) Al Aakhir 3) Az Zhaahir 4) Al Baatin. Evidence for […]

Top 5 Easy & Healthy On The Go Snacks… Squirrel Away

Written By Gracie  My top 5 on the go snacks are healthier alternatives that prove healthy doesn’t have to be boring! All the snacks I have included are great for energy and endurance to keep you going throughout the day. They are all the things I snack on and they’re easy to carry around with…

Friendship Is Like A Big Oak Tree….

Friendship Is Like A Big Oak Tree….

It gives you shelter,
It gives you life.
Once you grow It In a land that is fertile,

It will always flourish,
Grow and thrive.Leaves shed when there Is
Fear and fight.
Stems grow When there Is
Hope and light.Flowers bloom when there Is
Smile In delight.
Fruits come as a gift,
When It’s strong and unite.

But all you must do, is just add
A bunch full of trust.
Then you will see with your own eyes,
That your Oak Tree will grow up to
Reach the sky.