Suppose you use a horse for
transportation as people have
done in the past.

One of your friends invites you to his house
And you get there by riding your horse.

Now, what would happen
If your friend totally ignores you
And starts feeding and looking
After the horse only?

You will feel
Confused as yourself, The rider,
was suppose to be the guest,

Not the horse that you rode on.

The above situation sounds
abnormal but that is exactly what
we are doing today.

Allah has
given us a body and a soul.

The soul rides on the body to pass
through this world. In other
words, the body is like the horse
and the soul is like the rider of
the horse.

Today, we are continuously busy in feeding and
looking after the body but totally
ignored the well being of our

As a result, our souls have
become so weak without the
spiritual food that it is not strong
enough to even push us to go to
the Masjid or wake up for Fajr

Thus, it is essential that we
strengthen our soul with the
spiritual food as shown by Islam,
such as keeping the company of
the pious, recitation of the Holy
Quran, Dhikr of Allah and
contemplating over the Greatness
of Allah.

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