Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Moonlight sparkling on the fallen snow
Giving the night an awesome glow
All little creatures have to rest
Safely in their cozy nest
Knowing that with the coming of dawn
The countryside will have a perfect white lawn
Little tiny tracks from the snow shoe hare
Might even be some from the big brown bear
Let’s not forget the little wren
And maybe even the turkey hen
All in all what a wondrous sight
When mother nature moves in with all her might.

Why Islam Doesn’t Need a Reformation [Abdullah al Andalusi’s Lecture at UCL]

Originally posted on The Muslim Debate Initiative: Abdullah al Andalusi was invited to speak at the UCL, University of London, to present and discuss the topic “Does Islam Need a Reformation?”. He made rational, historical, sociological, anthropological and political arguments against the most common excuses demanding a Secular Reformation of Islam, touted by Western governments, Atheists…


The language it was rich and the vardo tall and gay
Whilst children danced upon the green just a little ways away
The Gypsy crowd that walked the road alongside vardo decked
With good things crafted in their hands and windows with neat nets…