You Can Actually Be Friends with A Bipolar person If you just TRY REALLY HARD

So I was going to be done for the weekend. But I saw this meme thing.  I am sad that she put her name on it.  I am sure she is lovely and probably didn’t mean it the way we (my friend and I) took it but….it just brings up something that needs to […]


It seems mysterious how our brain works – and how we perform, act, and interact as a result. The brain’s exact storage capacity for memories is difficult to calculate. Things we have seen, heard around us not necessarily practically said, get saved in our brain’s disc. They remain there, though new learning, new words might […]

Sticking to Your New Years Goals Part 2: “I want to cut back on sugar.”

If you’re looking to cut back sugar this year, then you are on the right track. Excess sugar, particularly added sugars, can not only lead to weight gain but also diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay. In fact, even if you are thin and eating reasonably, you may still be consuming too much added sugars […]

AL-QAHHAR: The Dominator

AL-QAHHĀR (القهار) The Dominator, The Subduer, The All-Conquering, The Conqueror, The Ever-Dominating, The Overpowering, The Almighty, The Prevailer Related name: AL-QĀHIR (القاهر) The Irresistible, The Subjugator, The Forceful One Arabic root From the root (ق هـ ر) which has the following classical Arabic connotations: to overcome, conquer; to overpower, master; to dominate over, prevail; to […]