Stupid Hate

 ..Stupid Hate…..
I wish you could see me
How much I hate you!
For hurting me!
For all the lies!
For all the fake Love!
For even being alive!
For all the fake words!
For even laying eyes on you!
*%Stupid Hate%*
I can’t see how
You can’t see
How pissed
How Mad
How sad
How all the feelings
Come together!
You hurt me!
You can’t just walk in
To my Life!
And say
“I want you back”
hell no!!

AL-QAWWI: The Powerful

AL-QAWWI (القوي) The Powerful, The Supremely Strong, The Strong One, The Almighty, The Possessor of All Strength Similar name: DHUL QUWWAH (ذو القوة) The Owner of Power Arabic root From the root (ق و ي) which has the following classical Arabic connotations: to be strong, vigorous, potent; to be robust, hardy, sturdy; to have sufficient […]