Expert Insight with Papatia

It’s an extreme pleasure to have my friend Papatia Feauxzar join The Muslimah Mommy Expert Insight panel and share her financial advice and tips with us. I met Papatia through WordPress and we have become great e-buddies since, she really is a beautiful person from the inside out! Here’s more information on who Papatia is: …

Bipolar isn’t sexy and Violent. Bipolar is Internal Suffering.

The world tends to think of Bipolar as being mainly composed of these wild and crazy external behaviors… violence and crotch flashing and jumping off buildings and all sorts of salacious and scandalous and sexy exciting stuff But what people don’t realize is that Bipolar is mostly a silent internal suffering… much more akin to […]

AS-SABUR: The Most Patient

AṢ-ṢABŪR (الصبور) The Most Patient, The Patient, The Enduring, The Patiently-Enduring Arabic root From the root (ص ب ر) which has the following classical Arabic connotations: to be patient, to be enduring; to endure trial or affliction with good manner; to be contented in trial or affliction without show of complaint; to make no distinction between […]

6 Questions to Ask in Looking for a Therapist

Finding the right therapist can involve almost as much energy and time as finding the right spouse. Instead of meeting for coffee or appetizers and drinks, you’re spilling your guts inside a bunch of psychotherapist offices, trying to gauge whether all that notebook scribbling is going to translate into help or not. If you don’t…