she was

SHE Was Pretty… She Spend Half Of Her Life…
Plucking and waxing, moisturizing, dieting, exercising, brushing, applying, removing, tucking this, hiding that, cleaning this washing that, buying this and buying that…
Wearing clothes that hung gracefully to her shape accessories to add taste, fake eyelashes here, fake extensions there, piercing this and tattooing that…
“It was her body” she argued to those who criticized her. Then came the day she died… She was locked in a box and the key was thrown away, her coffin left to lay amongst the dirt, where her body will slowly disintegrate to nothing as the maggots, feast on the skin she used to take so much care of!
“it’s my body” she had argued…
No!!! It was NEVER your body but it was given by Allah… For if it was your body surely you’d have never left it behind.
“indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return” (Surat Baqara:156)
Ya Allah!!! forgive all my sins… Great and small sins, the first and the last sins, those that are apparent and those that are hidden. Aameen.

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