Life Is No Easy Ride

Life was never meant to be an easy ride.It was never meant to be a smooth sail.

The journey in this dunya is expected to be rocky.

The personal battles,

The struggles,

The hardships,

The falls – 

are all part of the tests of this dunya.

But know,

Oh slave of Allah, that too will pass.

For light always follows darkness and ease always enter with hardship,

 followed by another ease, and anticipated rewards.

For did you not hear the words of Allah? 

‘Verily, *with* hardship is ease’?

So keep pushing forward, 

Keep walking even if you can’t see an open door, because Al-Fattah will provide for you from where you didn’t imagine in ways you never expected, through doors you thought were tightly locked.

Your key, is patience. 

Your ultimate weapon, is Dua

And your strength, is in Sujood. 

Your comfort, is in Quran, 

And your ease, is in His remembrance.

For indeed in His remembrance do hearts find true rest and tranquility.

Jummah Mubarak to You and Your Loved Ones.

Remember Me and Mine in your duas in sha Allah ameen.





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