Thoughts fly away from my mind Into the early morning sky Like fluttering butterflies Flitting from flower to flower Wings reflecting the sun’s Bright, blinding rays. A mixture of feelings Come over me Faster than I can comprehend Like paint-splattered canvases An imperfectly perfect landscape Chaotic, dynamic colors. Words inscribed fail to describe Things how they […]


9 Ways to Avoid Emotional Eating Over the Holidays

For anyone with an inclination to use food as comfort—which basically includes all of us—the two months between Halloween and New Years provide one temptation after another. For me it starts the hour the trick-or-treaters have left and I assess the supply of tootsie rolls, Kit Kats, and Reese’s Cups that did not make it…



The chapter 3 continues with the saying of Sheikh Rahimullah: وبِذللکَ اٴمرَاللہُ جمیعَ الناسِ وَخلَقَھُم لَھا “This is what Allah commanded all of the people with, and it was for this He created them”. This is what Allah commanded refers to his saying, “that you worship Allah making the religion purely and sincerely for Him”. This […]