The first treatise was the four matters which are comprised of Surat ul Asr, and the second treatise was the three matters which have preceded and now this is the third treatise starting with the following words, اِعلم أرشَدَک اللہُ لِطَاعَتِہِ “Know, may Allah direct you to obedience to Him”,  Speech concerning Knowledge has preceded, so there […]

Back 2 Basics – 22) Actions Are Judged By Intention

Knowledge, Its Importance & Acquisition The Intention Behind Seeking Knowledge Source: Ad-Da’wah Ilallaah (Vol 1/Issue 3) Article ID : SCL020006  [12778]  Actions Are Judged By Intention By Allaah’s permission we should already have some idea of how important it is to seek knowledge of our religion, and feel motivated into doing so because of the […]

Back 2 Basics -21) The Difference between Obligatory Knowledge and Recommended

The Difference between Obligatory Knowledge and Recommended Knowledge – Shaykh Muhammad Baazmool SOURCE: At-Ta’seel fee Talab-il-‘Ilm” (pg. 10-14) PRODUCED BY: Seeking knowledge – which a Muslim needs in order to establish what is binding on him from worship of his Lord – is an obligation that is compulsory on him. As for what exceeds […]

Hypo manic mixed state 

skin is antisy and creepy crawling inside with anguish and annoying deep within my soul 

anguished despairing dark deepness of all my life 

depressed despair! filled with grayish green blackness that noone else understands or cares 

its like staring into a abyss and the abyss stares back 

but no matter how deep the abyss is its up to you to jump or not!