Ya ALLAH, give us eyes that see the best in people
Ä heart that forgives the worst
Ä mind that forgets the bad
Ä soul that never loses faith
Ya ALLAH Master of all Creation,
Forgive us all for our sins,
and guide us to the right path.
The path of your chosen ones.
Bless the Muslim Ummah and have mercy upon us.

Ameen Ya ALLAH

Leak & Pea Soup

Written By Gracie This is so delicious and perfect for cold evenings! It’s also really quick and easy to make so if you’re after something nutritious that isn’t complicated or fussy then give this recipe a go. Ingredients: 350g x Leeks (chopped) 1 x Cup of frozen peas 2 x Tbsp Bouillon powder (you can […]



For the 2nd matter that Allah is not pleased that anyone should be made a sharer in worship along with Him, neither any angel brought near, nor any Prophet sent as a messenger and evidence is given in Ayah 18 of Surah Al-Jin. The Command to worship Allah Alone and shun Shirk: Allah commands His servants […]