Take Responsibility

Ain’t nobody gonna do it for you Cause every single human being Is responsible for his own soul No bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another Not even your brother from another mother In this world, for whom you missed your jama’ah Just cause he wanted you to tag along They ask you, […]



Prophet’s Musa du’a taught by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala when he was assigned the task to do da’wah to Pharaoh. Understanding the Qur’an requires that our hearts be cleansed first. Consciously, clean your heart from its spiritual diseases. Qur’an cannot settle in a heart that is filled with the filth of envy, hatred, jealousy and […]


Poem; Inner Warfare

Inner Warfare Opposing thoughts battling in side my head, Locked up in a world of it’s own, learning how to control them, The soul needs to be fed, A battle against my nafs, my soul needs to be led, Led by a commander taking charge of my thoughts, Disciplining the soul and building up a […]