5 Techniques to Manage Autumn Anxiety

It happens every year. As I watch the first golden leaves fall from the oak tree outside our house and listen to the sound of the cicadas ushering in autumn, my anxiety spikes. I used to think I was relapsing into depression, but having been through this year after year (and documenting it in my…



Heartbreak is
Cold cruel gut wrenching
My stomach is in knots
My heart is bleeding red blood
As tears slowly well up then tumble-down my face
Stop the pain stop the pain
I silently pray to Allah
I ask him why me why now must I always be in pain
My mind is numb my heart no long feels it has been ripped out
Or stabbed with the invisible knife that only I know and see
I silently beg for relief I pray to Allah to care for my soul

Copyright ©2005 aicha

15 Quotes to Inspire People with Chronic Illness

Being sick is no fun. We all know that. But being chronically ill while maintaining a pleasant disposition is a daunting task even for the Greek gods. Every biological response in your body wants to lean into the creeping despair you feel. But by doing that with regularity, soon you will find as though you’ve…