Alhuda, The Quran Club

Name: Muhammad        Father Name:  Abdul Wahab    Grandfather: Sulaymaan

Full Name:

Muhammad ibn ‘Abdil Wahhaab ibn Sulaymaan ibn ‘Alee ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Raashid ibn Burayd ibn Muhammad ibn Musharraf ibn ‘Umar ibn Wahb ibn Tameem.


He was born in the town of ‘Uyaynah in the year 1115 AH in a house of knowledge and nobility and religion. He belongs to the tribe of Banu’ Tameem. His father was a great scholar and his grandfather Sulaymaan was the scholar of Najd in his time…


He was educated by his father in his homeland, Oyayna, a village located at Yamama in Najd, northwest to the city of Riyadh. He learnt to read the Qur’aan at a very early age and exerted himself in studies and advanced learning at the hands of his father, Shaikh Abdul Wahhab Ibn Sulaiman, who was a great jurisprudent…

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