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The first part of this section consists of the entire Surah Al-Muminoon (Chapter of the Believers). The name is taken from the first verse: “The believers must (eventually) win…” The message of this chapter is one of hope and strength to the early Muslim community, who at the time were facing persecution at the hands of the polytheistic leaders in Makkah. The chapter starts out by describing a Muslim believer and other worthy qualities. The verses then remind the believer of the glory of Allah’s creation, the promise of reward in the Hereafter, and the pending punishment for those who disbelieve. Readers learn a bit about the lives and messages of the Prophets Noah (Nuh), Moses (Musa), and Aaron (Harun).

Surah Al Mu’minoon

  • [23: 1- 10] Do you see yourself as a ‘mu’min’? Here’s your checklist:
    • You have Khush’u (humility/ tranquility/ fear of Allah) in…

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