Its A Shame

It’s A Shame

The circle is falling round us, creatures are weeping near us,
Don’t you think it’s a shame?

growing flowers are crying, pain is crawling in the skin,
Don’t you think it’s a shame?

Materialistic things seem more important than people,
Isn’t this a shame?

casting stones, cruelty to innocence ,
whats going on in the world?

The world is changing to the worst war field ever seen to man,
Is that a shame?

It’s not the worlds fault, it’s the things that live within the world,
It’s the people.

One thought on “Its A Shame

  1. Asalam Alaykum this is absolutely right sister. We should really diminish our quest for laterial things and care for the situation of people around us. And as you said the world became worst because of human beings.

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