Thirty Days of Imperfection

As Salam Alikum
Thanks for writing this I can totally relate to this

The weeks leading up to a new Muslim’s very first Ramadan are filled with excitement and curiosity. We hear motivational speeches about the feelings of peace, ease and contentment Ramadan brings. We read inspiring articles of people who finish reading the whole of Qur’an in thirty days. We learn about Muslims gathering together in congregation standing during late hours of the night in prayer while long portions of the Qur’an are recited. Ramadan is portrayed as a transcendent, seemingly magical, month in which everything will be easier and distractions will be fewer; a month where our prayers will become better and finishing the Qur’an will be a breeze. This leads to great disappointment for new Muslims when the reality of Ramadan hits.

We begin to realize that fasting is in fact hard, our prayers aren’t necessarily better or more focused as we assumed they would be, our mind still wanders…

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