Alhuda, The Quran Club

Surah Al-Ahzaab

  • We should always send darood , when Prophet’s sallulaho copy name is mentioned. (33: 56)
  • A muslim woman‘s hijab (outer garments) is her identity. Do not feel shy to observe hijab. (33: 59)
  • Say what is clear cut, rightful & truthful . Do not gossip or beat about the bush. (33: 70)

Surah Saba

  • Jinns do not have knowledge of unseen (ilm ul Ghaib) some people used it, to predict future. (34:14)
  • Word ‘kufr’ is used for being ungrateful to Allah subhana’watalah. We should be very thankful to His blessings & shukr preserves ‘naimah’  (34: 15-17)
  • Muhammad sallulaho copyis rasul for all mankind not for Muslims only. (34:28)
  • Common misconception is that one who has wealth & children, is blessed one, but Allah subhana’watalah says that its iman & righteous deeds that makes one near & dear to Him. (33:37)

Surah Fatir

  • Some people are sweet in…

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